Biz Opps: Reservoir 8 - Interior Coating Replacement - Bremerton

Biz Opps:  	Reservoir 8 - Interior Coating Replacement - Bremerton Main Photo

23 Mar 2023

Government Contracting, PTAC, Bremerton

The Work includes all labor, equipment, and materials necessary to recoat the entire interior of a 2.54-million-gallon steel welded, above ground potable water reservoir. Reservoir dimensions are 81-feet diameter and 66.5-feet height. Reservoir 8 is located at 7300 Werner Rd in Bremerton. Access to the site is from a gated paved access road off of Werner Road, and then gravel access road to facility gate.  The Work includes setting up and maintaining scaffolding and a environmental control system, cutting a door panel if needed, rewelding and coating the door panel, abrasive blasting to near white metal (SSPC-SP 10), recoating all interior surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting the interior in preparation for putting the reservoir back on-line, site cleanup, and proper disposal of all spent materials and coatings all in accordance with the Contract Plans, these Contract Provisions, and the Standard Specifications. View listing

CLOSES 4/12/23 AT 11AM

Communication by Phone and/or E-mail: Denton Lynch, EIT, Telephone: (360) 473-2350, E-mail:

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