Location and Climate

Located six miles west of Seattle across Puget Sound, Kitsap County covers most of the scenic Kitsap Peninsula and boasts 236 miles of saltwater shoreline, towering forests and scenic views of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains.

Westerly air currents from the ocean and the shielding effects of the Cascade range produce a mild and moderately moist climate, with warm dry summers and mild winters. While Puget Sound has a reputation for rainy weather, the average annual rainfall is actually less than that of many other cities in the United States, including New York and Atlanta. On average, December is the wettest month of the year with 9 inches; July is the driest with less than an inch. Snowfall is rare in the lowlands where most people live. The typical summer day seldom heats up above 82.

For gardeners, the climate is similar to that of southern England, with a growing season lasting about 180 days.

Climate Kitsap, WA United States
Rainfall (in.) 41.2 38.6
Snowfall (in.) 3.5 23
Precipitation Days 161 100
Sunny Days 153 205
Avg. July High 75.1 86.5
Avg. Jan. Low 33.8 20.5
Comfort Index (higher=better) 71 44
UV Index 2.7 4.3
Elevation ft. 302 1,443