Kitsap - Inclusive, Thriving and Innovative

Kitsap offers exceptional quality of life plus all the benefits of the Seattle region without the gridlock and high prices. This is the place - economic vitality for all. In one spectacular place.

Just west of Seattle, where the economic boom shows no sign of abating, we are a quick ferry ride to the city—but comfortably separated from the crowded highways, dense urban environment, and housing beyond the reach of most. Kitsap residents and visitors enjoy nearly 300 miles of scenic saltwater coastline, friendly communities, ready access to transportation for individuals and commerce, a county-wide, high-speed fiber optic backbone, and more. A small-town sense of community combined with a big-city sense for business give Kitsap a distinct personality that’s nothing short of irresistible. Click here for more>>

Key Industries: Defense, Maritime, Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, Tourism, and Technology

  • Most dense concentration of engineering talent in the Seattle region
  • 3400+ industrial-zoned acres with airport
  • Multi-mode access to markets
  • Vibrant & growing startup ecosystem