Cost of Living

Regional Cost of Living

The cost of living composite consists of grocery, housing, utilities, transportation, and miscellaneous goods and services. The national average is normalized at 100. Cost of living for Kitsap County in Q3 2023 is 115.3. The cost of living in Kitsap is lower than Seattle (145.7), and  other Puget Sound urban areas.  Kitsap experiences notably higher transportation costs likely attributed to ferry travel.

Urban AreaCompositeGroceryHousingUtilitiesTransportationHealthcareMisc. Good and Services
Mount Vernon-Skagit119.3111.4137.196.4124.4120.8112.9

Source:  Home - C2ER Cost of Living Index ( Q3 2023 Report


Living Wage

The living wage is determined by calculating the minimum income at which a maximum of 33.3% of the total income would be allocated for housing. For 2023, the minimum living wage to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Kitsap County was $27
compared to $34 in King County. Meanwhile, the median home mortgage in Kitsap County required an hourly wage of $46 in contrast to King County at $79.

Living Wage (Kitsap) 

Housing TypeRateRequired household hourly wageRequired household weekly wage 
Rent 1 bedroom$1.420$25$1,014
Rent 2 bedroom$1,621$29$1,158
Median home mortgage$2,758$49$1,970

Source: Source:  Calculated by: Washington Center for Real Estate Research and CEBR

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