Cost of Living

Regional Cost of Living

The cost of living composite consists of grocery, housing, utilities, transportation, and miscellaneous goods and services. The national average is normalized at 100. Cost of living for Kitsap County in 2019 is 109, and it was based on estimates for Bremerton. Compared to other neighboring counties, the cost of living in Kitsap is equal to Pierce county, lower than King County (157), and higher than Thurston County (107). Both Kitsap and King Counties experienced higher housing prices; however, Kitsap indicated a much lower cost in all other categories amalgamated in the composite index.

County Composite Grocery Housing Utilities Transportation Healthcare Misc. Good and Services
Kitsap* 108.9 100.6 134.1 72.0 100.7 100.1 103.3
Pierce 108.7 111.2 108.4 88.2 102.7 122.0 113.5
Thurston 106.7 112.0 100.9 88.9 136.9 119.1 104.6
King 157 129 225 108 138 129 136

Source: C2ER (2019 annual report),

Living Wage

The living wage is determined by calculating the minimum income at which a maximum of 33.3 percent of the total income would be allocated for housing. For 2019, the minimum living wage to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Kitsap County was $22 compared to $30 in King County. Meanwhile, the median home mortgage in Kitsap County required an hourly wage of $26 in contrast to King County at $44.

Living Wage (Kitsap) 

Housing Type Rate Required household hourly wage Required household weekly wage 
Rent 1 bedroom $1,286 $22 $890
Rent 2 bedroom $1,422 $25 $984
Median home mortgage $1,488 $26 $1,030

Source: UW Runstad Department of Real Estate Fall 2019 Report and CEBR

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