The following companies and organizations provide utilities services to residents and businesses in Kitsap County. To learn more about current energy rates, water and sewer costs, please visit the company websites for information.


Broadband and Telecommunications

With over 500 miles of high-speed fiber (via Kitsap Public Utility District) Kitsap County has a robust public fiber-optic backbone.

  • Centurylink covers the majority of the county with telephone, internet, TV services and wireless
  • Comcast provides cable, broadband and VOIP in many areas of Kitsap County
  • KPUD provides wholesale, open access broadband fiber via NoaNet throughout Kitsap County
  • Wave offers cable, broadband and VOIP in some areas of Kitsap County

Buildable Lands

Kitsap County Buildable Lands Program commonly referred to as the Buildable Lands Program, is an integral part of Washington State's Growth Management Act (GMA). The program is required by the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 36.70A.215 and Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 365-196-315 and the main deliverable is the Buildable Lands Report.

The Buildable Lands Report looks at the City of Bainbridge Island, City of Bremerton, City of Poulsbo, City of Port Orchard, and unincorporated areas of Kitsap County to review if they are growing as planned. 

In addition to the reviewing growth trends, the report also evaluates urban areas to determine if there is sufficient land remaining to accommodate growth targets in local policies and plans.

The report offers government agencies across Kitsap County an opportunity to collect and evaluate data using a common framework. The Buildable Lands Report serves as an important first milestone as Kitsap County and local cities work to update their Comprehensive Plan by June 2024.

Kitsap County Nov 2021 Buildable Lands Report

Visit Buildable Lands Program ( to view additional information, including Urban Growth Area, zoning, anticipated growth and other information for:


Central Kitsap


Port Orchard





Puget Sound Energy (PSE), 888.225.5773

PSE delivers electricity, natural gas, and innovative energy solutions to more than 1.2 million customers in Washington State.

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Natural Gas


Cascade Natural Gas Corporation, 888.522.1130

Cascade Natural Gas provides natural gas services to many parts of Kitsap County, both residential and commercial

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Sewer & Storm Water