Tax & Incentives

As part of the state of Washington, Kitsap County offers an extremely favorable tax environment for business and citizens. When it comes to best places to make a living based on income taxes, cost of living, unemployment, Washington State:

  • does not have a personal or corporate income tax;
  • does not have an inventory tax;
  • does not impose a tax on intangible assets, such as bank accounts, stocks, or bonds and
  • does not assess any tax on retirement income earned and received from another state.
  • ranked #7  on CNBC's annual study America's Top States for Business

Washington also offers numerous tax incentives that make it an attractive place to do business, including manufacturers’ sales and use tax deferrals and exemptions, a high tech sales and use tax deferral, high tech business and occupation tax credit programs, and a warehouse sales tax exemption program.

For more information on these tax incentive options, and to see if your business might qualify, visit the Tax Incentive Programs section of the Washington State Department of Revenue website or call 800-647-7706.

RETAIL TAX RATEKitsap County combined rate9.2%
STATE BUSINESS & OCCUPATION TAXThe state B&O tax is a gross receipts tax. It is measured on the value of products, gross proceeds of sale, or gross income of the business.Rates vary by industry and range from .00471 to .0175
 City of Bainbridge Island.001
 City of Bremerton (PSIC Bremerton excluded).00125 - 0.00200
 City of Port Orchardnone
 City of Poulsbonone
 Unincorporated Kitsap Countynone
KITSAP COUNTY PROPERTY TAX Levy Rate per $1000 of Assessed Value 
 City of Bainbridge Island7.8706 
 City of Bremerton (PSIC Bremerton excluded)8.7938 
 City of Port Orchard8.4116 
 City of Poulsbo8.8601 
 Unincorporated Kitsap CountyRanges from 8.1176 – 8.9257 
KITSAP REAL ESTATE EXCISE TAXReal estate excise tax (REET) is a tax on the sale of real property. Current REET Rates - State plus Local
Kitsap County's local rate is 0.50% while the state portion graduates based on the sales price.
 $525,000 or less 1.60% 
 $525,000.01 - $1,525,000 1.78% 
 $1,525,000.01 - $3,025,000 3.25% 
 $3,025,000.01 or more 3.50% 

Resources: Kitsap County Treasurer; Kitsap County Accessor; Washington State Local Sales & Use Tax Rates, Kitsap Real Estate Excise Tax (REET)

Visit the Kitsap County Personal Property page for information regarding Personal Property taxes and information on the Advanced Tax that applies to businesses being sold or closed

Additional Incentives: 

2 men in hard hatsHUBZones There are three qualified HUBZones in Kitsap County, plus the Port Gamble S’Klallam Reservation and the Port Madison Reservation. View HUBZone Map

Foreign Trade Zone – More than 500 acres of land in Kitsap County at the Port of Bremerton’s industrial Park are part of FTZ 216

Opportunity Zones: Kitsap has three designated OZ - two in Port Orchard and one in Bremerton. Learn more about Opportunity Zone incentives.

Workforce Development – State and local workforce programs to assist your company in finding or training the workforce you need

Puget Sound Industrial Center – Bremerton (PSIC – Bremerton), Kitsap County’s 3700 acre Super Site, offers developers multiple incentives via the Certified Evergreen Building Permit Fee Rebate Program. Visit SKIA/PSIC for complete information.