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The SAFE Boats StoryInspired by the rough waters and rocky shores of the Puget Sound, we wanted to completely rethink boat design from the human experience because the most stressful part about a boat, is actually being on the boat.What if it gets really rough out? Will my crew and passengers be comfortable? What about captain and crew fatigue from wave impact? What if it breaks down? What if we hit debris in the water? What’s that noise? How easy will it be to fix?Ultimately, we wanted to ensure that any boat we built would take the beating of the water, protecting our operators.So, we started inventing custom designs and supporting technology like our industry-leading and patented foam collar for impact and floatation. We created sound-dampening hull designs for reduced acoustics and noise pollution in the cabin. We developed performance fin technology to allow our boats to corner tighter at high speeds for maximum maneuverability. We optimized our V-shaped hull and deadrise combination that allows our patrol boat models to slice through rough water with minimal impact. And, we were early adopters of proven new technology like shock-mitigating seating to reduce operator fatigue and impact.This simple philosophy from our little boutique shop earned us a reputation for building the safest, toughest, and most confident-handling boats around the Sound.