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3050 Kitsap Way • Bremerton, WA 98312
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Westbay Auto Parts, now Westbay NAPA Auto Parts, is the largest independent auto parts chain in Washington state. Robert Price opened the first Westbay in February 1961 at 1230 Bay Street in Port Orchard. In 1966, Don Lewis came to work for Westbay and started the machine shop and later became a partner until his retirement in 1991. The Bay Street location became too small for business and Westbay moved to the current location at 2610 Mile Hill Drive in 1977 at which time the business began to grow very rapidly. Carolyn Price, Bob's wife came to work for Westbay to run the computer and handle other bookkeeping functions.In August of 1980, a second store was added in Gorst. The building quickly became too small and a new building was purchased in 1981 on Navy Yard Highway. A second machine shop was added at this building.An existing auto parts store in Silverdale was purchased in April of 1981 and when the lease expired in September of 1983, the current location was purchased just a few blocks down from the original store. The new location was completely remodeled in 2004.In June of 1985, the chance to buy two existing auto parts stores arose, one in Poulsbo and one in East Bremerton. This was a big step in getting greater coverage in Kitsap County. When the lease expired on the Poulsbo store in November of 1986, a new location was purchased. The East Bremerton store outgrew its building as well and in 1993 a new building was built.The Gig Harbor store was purchased in June of 1988. This was Westbay’s first store outside of Kitsap County, but it's location on the Olympic Peninsula made it a natural expansion move.In November of 1995, an existing store became available in Port Townsend and was purchased by Westbay. This became the first store in Jefferson County. It was moved to it's current location in 2002.The Belfair location was built in 1996. It was a start up store and our first in Mason County.In November of 2007, Westbay Auto Parts became an independent NAPA jobber store chain. With that change, two new locations were added, one in Purdy and one in Kingston. The West Bremerton location on Navy Yard Highway was moved to Kitsap way and the old location became a paint specialty store and machine shop.With the passing of Bob Price in January of 2000, the management team at Westbay now consists of Ken Price, Jim Civilla, Ginger Hall and Louis Kimmel. Although Bob was the heart of Westbay, the new management team continues his spirit of customer service above all else.Westbay NAPA Auto Parts remains locally owned and operated since 1961.