NEWS RELEASE: WAV-C and SERCO Join Forces to Study Tire Dump Sites in Puget Sound

NEWS RELEASE: WAV-C and SERCO Join Forces to Study Tire Dump Sites in Puget Sound Main Photo

13 Oct 2023

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Washington Autonomous Vehicle Cluster (WAV-C) and SERCO Join Forces to Study Tire Dump Sites in Puget Sound  

Silverdale, WA - October 25, 2023  

The Washington Autonomous Vehicle Cluster (WAV-C), based in the Kitsap Peninsula, is collaborating with SERCO, a global environmental services company, to initiate a comprehensive study aimed at locating tire dump sites in the Puget Sound. Focused on a two-square-mile area of the Illahee waterway between Bremerton and Bainbridge Island, the study employs state-of-the-art technology to address environmental concerns surrounding existing tire dumps.  
SERCO will deploy a next-generation underwater vehicle equipped with scan sonar capabilities to map the seabed and identify objects that may be tires. The study responds to worries about the environmental impact of tire dumps, as tires can leach harmful chemicals into the soil and water, posing risks to drinking water supplies and aquatic life.

"We are committed to protecting the Puget Sound and its waterways," affirmed WAV-C Program Director Seth Abelson. "This study will help us identify and address tire dump sites in our waterways, improving the health of the Puget Sound and safeguarding public health." Rochelle LeMay, WAV-C’s Development Director expressed, “I am from Kitsap, and dedicated to seeing this project through. It affects all of us.”

SERCO Regional Manager Dustin Teuton expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "We are pleased to partner with WAV-C on this important study. With our extensive experience in utilizing underwater vehicles to address environmental issues, we are committed to working with WAV-C to protect the Puget Sound."

The study, expected to conclude at the end of October 2023, utilizes various methods, including sonar, to locate tire dump sites. Once identified, the study results will be shared with regional authorities to assess potential environmental impacts and formulate recommendations for remediation.

ARCHER Environmental unmanned surface vehicle. Courtesy of SERCO.   

Project sponsors: WAV-C, SERCO, The Suquamish Tribe, and The Port of Illahee.

About WAV-C  
The Washington Autonomous Vehicle Cluster (WAV-C), located in the Kitsap Peninsula, stands out as one of the most innovative communities in America. WAV-C collaborates with government agencies, academic institutions, corporations, top entrepreneurs, and a deep bench of funders to introduce the newest and most advanced innovative solutions in maritime autonomous vehicles. . WAV-C  is a program of the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance, and is currently funded by the Washington Department of Commerce’s Innovation Cluster Accelerator Program, made possible by a grant from the US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration  

About SERCO  
Serco is a global public services company dedicated to helping governments and businesses deliver vital services to communities. With over 50 years of experience and operations in more than 25 countries, Serco boasts a workforce of over 100,000 employees. Serco's environmental services business offers a wide range of services to help organizations reduce their environmental impact and improve sustainability performance.

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