SharedWork program conserves payroll costs and retains jobs

SharedWork program conserves payroll costs and retains jobs Main Photo

3 Feb 2022

Workforce, Economy


Hospitality businesses can conserve payroll costs and retain jobs with the SharedWork program.

"Nothing good happens fast" is true in many circumstances, but not for the hospitality industry. Customer demand for speedy service is met with workforce shortages and workplace mandates that bring new challenges for business leaders in 2022.

Washington State Shared Work Program"We're going to be in this for a few years. There are not any workers sitting on unemployment anymore," said Anthony Anton, President and CEO of the Washington Hospitality Association in a January podcast. "While the industry typically has a slower January, use this time to be strategic and really think through your workforce, your needs, what your service is going to look like for the next few years. Think about leading differently in these times."

As businesses reopen and bounce back, SharedWork continues to be a smart alternative. 
SharedWork provides flexibility for businesses to restart and bring their employees back from unemployment with reduced hours. Businesses gradually build back their team with qualified workers receiving partial unemployment benefits to replace a portion of their lost wages. 


The Employer Resources Webinar Series.  The monthly 60-minute education webinar series feature SharedWork and one of additional business-friendly program at no cost. Employer outreach is focused on businesses in your zip code serviced areas for a local flavor. Participants have direct access to program experts to learn and leverage the benefits of state-funded programs available from employer tax dollars.