Kitsap County Ranks High in Location Advantages!

Kitsap County Ranks High in Location Advantages! Main Photo

25 May 2022


Kitsap County, WA, has many location advantages which is why so many businesses are choosing our county and thriving here! The Kitsap Economic Development Alliance (KEDA) has created a new website that showcases these many location advantages for anyone looking to locate in the county. Kitsap County is home to a skilled workforce with high educational attainment and workforce skills. Located just west of Seattle and north of Tacoma, cities in Kitsap County are close enough to major city access while simultaneously enjoying the 250 miles of scenic saltwater coastline and friendly, small-town, communities.

Businesses in Kitsap County Benefit From Our Location Advantages  

Several key industries thrive in Kitsap County including Defense, Maritime, Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, Tourism, Technology, and more! Businesses that locate in Kitsap County are prosperous in our highly competitive marketplace. Businesses located here also enjoy very favorable tax environments and a business friendly regulatory environment.

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