Urgent: Community Project Funding - (deadline March 10)

Urgent: Community Project Funding  - (deadline March 10) Main Photo

3 Mar 2023

Nonprofit, tribal, government agencies, RFP

KEDA was just notified that applications for the 6th Congressional District are now open, and the hard deadline is 11:59pm March 10th.


Office of Representative Derek Kilmer (WA-6) is accepting requests for Community Project Funding in appropriations bills in the upcoming fiscal year. Folks that are eligible to apply are state, local and tribal governments, publicly owned entities (e.g. ports, universities, PUDs, etc.), and non-profit entities. Based on guidance from the Appropriations Committee, each Member of Congress may only submit 15 requests for Community Project Funding. As a result, Rep. Kilmer is working to convene an advisory panel of local stakeholders to help inform the selection process and will give particular consideration to requests that have strong community support, capture the geographic and demographic makeup of the district, and achieve at least one of following goals: 
•        Create sustained job growth and/or economic opportunity 
•        Address imminent threats to public health, safety or the environment 
•        Promote equity and inclusion for underserved populations 
•        Fulfill unmet federal obligations, including treaty and trust responsibilities to Native American tribes 
Each project request must be for fiscal year 2024 funds only and cannot include a request for multiyear funding. For more guidance or information on Community Project Funding requests, please visit the following: 
•        The CPF Guidebook is HERE as a resource. 
•        The list of eligible accounts for projects is HERE. 
Please note that the House Republican majority announced changes to the CPF process for FY2024. Additional information on the changes is here
The deadline for requests is 11:59pm March 10th and the form for submittal can be found here: FY 24 Community Project Funding Request Form - Google Forms