Public Works Outreach Event Resources Now Available!

Public Works Outreach Event Resources Now Available! Main Photo

29 Apr 2024

Government Contracting, APEX Accelerators, Small business

Meet the Agenciesowering Kitsap Businesses for Government Contracting Success!

Empowering Kitsap Businesses for Government Contracting Success!

Last week, in collaboration with Washington APEX, we hosted a valuable session bringing together contracting officers from Bremerton, Port Orchard, Central Kitsap Fire District, Kitsap Public Utility District, and Mason County. The focus was on demystifying municipal contracting processes and highlighting key opportunities for local businesses.

Key Highlights:

  • Insights into municipal contracting procedures
  • Identifying contracting opportunities
  • Networking with resource providers inc: MRSC, NAVFAC NW, NAVSEA, APEX, SBDC and WSDOT
  • Q&A session with experienced contracting officers

Explore the event's valuable resources, including presentation slides and a compilation of frequently asked questions related to public works contracting. This material offers essential insights on effectively engaging with individual municipalities.

View the event resources below:





Are you a BIPOC Business owner? 

Be sure to join us May 15th at the Kitsap Conference Center for our 2024 BIPOC BUSINESS FORUM: GROW WITH GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING


If you are a contractor wanting to know more about public works, this session was created for you.  The session format will allow for you to sit down with the following agencies to better understand how to do business with them.

  • City of Bremerton
  • City of Port Port Orchard
  • Mason County
  •  Kitsap Public Utility District
  • Central Kitsap Fire District

And special agency guests:

  • Naval Facilities Northwest (NAVFACNW) - Small Business Liaison Officer  
  • Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NAVSEA) - Small Business Liaison Officer    

Local government agencies will be ready to have conversations about the following questions:

  1. How do firms keep connected with your agency? Are there opportunities to contact or engage outside of active procurements?
  2. How do vendors, suppliers, and contractors find upcoming opportunities and active solicitations?
  3. How do vendors, suppliers, and contractors find forecast information?
  4. Does your agency have any diverse business (vendors, suppliers, or contractors) inclusion goals in procurement and contracts? If yes, are they published?
  5. Are there other requirements to bid or propose with your agency? How does your agency determine a responsible bidder with a responsive bid?
  6. What, if any, rosters is your agency currently using? How do I register?

The following organizations will be present to answer questions regarding their agency’s services:

The goals for this session are to gather resources and information about public works opportunities and meet local public agencies to learn about their public work needs.