Need HR Help? Or have a project in need of an entrepreneurial mind?

Need HR Help? Or have a project in need of an entrepreneurial mind? Main Photo

16 Mar 2022

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WWU Poulsbo Students seeking business experience!


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Projects for Spring Entrepreneurial Problems class.

Joe Vogel, Instructor at WWU on the Peninsulas Poulsbo, is seeking one business or organization to provide input from students in the Spring Entrepreneurial Problems class.

This is an opportunity to receive input, insights and a finished product from the students. Past products have included:

  • Market research
  • Product design
  • Business plan

This 8-week commitment beginning in early April can bring a new perspective for a Kitsap-based company seeking growth.

For more information, please contact Joe Vogel or 206.954.2393.

Pro-bono HR advice from WWU students

Akanksha Bedi, Assistant Professor of Management at WWU Poulsbo is looking for 2-3 organizations on the Kitsap peninsula that can use some HR specific pro-bono advice/consulting. This is a mutually beneficial exercise. The students will gain some real-world HR experience and the organizations will gain valuable theory and research-based insights into their HR process/needs. 

The main commitment from the organization is to:

a.) provide students with info on the organization's HR needs+ answer student questions,

b.) attend two classes held on ZOOM. The first class involves giving a brief 10–15-minute intro about their organization, who they are, what they do and what kind of HR needs they would like to be addressed. Second class would involve attending the student presentations on solutions addressing the organization’s HR needs.

The class begins March 28

Email at Akanksha Bedi OR phone number 626-399-1646.