Kitsap County is Known for its Culture & Arts Experience

27 Jul 2022


Culture and the arts have always been very important for those in Kitsap County, WA. Kitsap County is located within the ancestral territory of the Suquamish people, also known as the “people of clear saltwater.” The Suquamish people were expert fishermen, canoe builders, basket weavers, and lived in harmony with nature. Suquamish is the ancestral home of the great Chief Seattle and hosts the annual Chief Seattle Days festival in his honor. Another cultural highlight is the annual Tribal Canoe Journey, a gathering of 90 Northwest Native tribes with scheduled landings in Suquamish and Port Gamble 

Find Arts and Culture in Kitsap County

Kitsap County has a strong arts community with numerous galleries and annual arts events.  Galleries include Amy Burnett Fine Art Gallery, the Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery, the Front Street Gallery, and the Lisa Stirrett Glass Art Gallery.  And Bainbridge Artist Resource Network (BARN) is a unique non-profit community center for artisans and makers, has studios for everything from Electronic & Technical Arts to Woodworking. Click here to learn more about the culture and arts available here in Kitsap County.