Aviation online open house - learn about potential expansion of Bremerton National Airport

Aviation online open house - learn about potential expansion of Bremerton National Airport Main Photo

17 Aug 2022

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The Washington State Legislature Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission (CACC) welcomes your participation in an Online Open House.

The CACC was created to address concerns that Washington’s airports, including Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, will soon reach capacity. The CACC’s charge is to provide a recommendation by June 15, 2023, for a single preferred location to help meet the forecast demand for commercial passenger service, air cargo, and general aviation. You can learn more about the capacity problem on our website.

The goal of the online open house is to hear from community members about options for greenfield sites that could become home to a new airport, and the potential for Bremerton National and Paine Field to take on some additional capacity.
We’ll also host two virtual public meetings:
-    August 23 from noon to 1 p.m.
-    August 31 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 
Your input is welcomed as Commission members work toward providing a recommendation of two existing airports or potential sites for further study to the legislature by October 15, 2022. 

Overview of CACC

The CACC completed a Phase 1 Report (PDF 400KB) of its work in February 2022. Thank you to all who participated in that online open house!


Bremerton National Airport

During Phase 1, the CACC identified Bremerton National as having potential to provide additional air cargo capacity. Bremerton Nationalis the largest airport on the Kitsap peninsula and provides general aviation service. It has a 6,000-foot by 150-foot runway.

Bremerton National Airport could provide additional general aviation aircraft storage capacity and expand business aviation support. Commission members indicated an interest in providing air cargo capacity at Bremerton. However, the airport is 32 miles (a 45-minute drive) from Tacoma, the closest dense population center.Aerial view of Bremerton National Airport. Photo credit: Port of Bremerton

Aerial view of Bremerton National Airport
Credit: Port of Bremerton