Biz Opps: City of Bremerton issues RFP for Diversity Equity and Inclusion Consultant

Biz Opps:  City of Bremerton  issues RFP for Diversity Equity and Inclusion Consultant Main Photo

10 Apr 2023

Diversity, Government Contracting, PTAC

The City of Bremerton is seeking professional services from qualified contractors for the purpose of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) consulting services beginning in June 2023. The City’s needs are outlined in the  request for proposal (RFP).

Proposals due by May 1, 2023

Proposed actions and basis for the request for proposal:

The City expects the following to be included in the Scope of Work and proposed budget: Stakeholder Engagement (Internal and External); Strategic Planning; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Position; and Race Equity Advisory Commission.

Stakeholder Engagement (Internal and External)

The goal is to ensure that all stakeholders have an opportunity to engage in both the creation and implementation of a DEI Strategic Plan, creation of the job description and recruitment strategy for a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Position, and the strategies, procedures, recommended support necessary for a race equity focused community advisory commission to effectively fulfill the commission’s duties . Consultant shall engage City leaders, community members and leaders, business owners and City management and employees in an effort to build relationships with the community and to collect ideas, values, histories, and other
feedback from a diverse audience and to help ensure that recommended strategies are targeted, intentional, and effective. Consultant shall create forums for people of all abilities to offer feedback, insight and to identify resources and accountability measures for inclusive engagement. (Language interpretation, ADA accommodations, analog and digital tools, days/times/venues of meetings, stipends, etc.). Additionally, evaluate the City’s workplace culture using a combination of one‐on‐one interviews and/or surveys to assess employee and management abilities in the areas of DEI.

Strategic Planning 

Based on stakeholder engagement, create and design comprehensive strategies, and a workplan to inform how we can best approach DEI throughout the City, ultimately leading to the development of a DEI Strategic Plan which includes the following:

  • Recommend strategies, policies, and procedures the City can adopt to advance equality and inclusion in the community and in the workplace.
  • Estimate costs and resources necessary for DEI Strategic Plan implementation, preferably with options for a phased approach.
  • Evaluate opportunities and challenges using evaluation of the City’s workplace culture to develop program and training recommendations.