Seizing Opportunities: KEDA Government Contracting Specialists Prepare Kitsap Businesses for Federal Investments

Seizing Opportunities: KEDA Government Contracting Specialists Prepare Kitsap Businesses for Federal Investments Main Photo

6 Mar 2024

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PSNS & IMF is one of four naval shipyards to benefit from once-in-a-century investment - KEDA APEX positions Kitsap businesses to benefit!


As the landscape of government contracting expands, Kitsap County finds itself on the brink of a transformative period, poised to capitalize on the influx of billions of dollars in federal investments earmarked for the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PSNS & IMF) in Bremerton. This unprecedented opportunity presents a moment for local businesses to diversify revenue streams and expand their customer base. KEDA's team of specialists stands ready to guide them through the complex world of government contracting.

The Shipyard Infrastructure Optimization Program (SIOP) is set to inject billions of dollars into PSNS & IMF and other naval facilities in Kitsap County, paving the way for extensive upgrades and modernization efforts. Among the key initiatives is the modernization of shipyard facilities and construction of a new multi-mission dry dock at PSNS, capable of hosting the Navy's latest warships on the West Coast and upgrading existing facilities like Dry Dock 6.

NAVFAC NW Just Issued Two Market Research Synopses for Upcoming MACCs Totaling $11 Billion Dollars

On March 1, 2024  the Navy posted two Sources Sought Notices to gather market research and identify qualified companies. They are not a request for proposal or invitation for bid.) It is critical that area construction firms and contractors respond to these inquiries, as the Navy will have to look beyond our region if they fail to receive adequate response from Kitsap.) Responses are due Friday, March 15, 2024.
•    Grande MACC - $1 Billion is set for Small Business Set-aside
•    Venti MACC - $10 Billion - full and open

KEDA's APEX Program Empowers Businesses to Navigate Complexities

Navigating the intricacies of government contracting can be daunting and having a trusted advisor is invaluable. Here is Kitsap County, KEDA offers vital support to local businesses through its Washington APEX ACCELERATOR program, formerly the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). APEX provides confidential, one-on-one technical assistance at no cost, covering various aspects of selling to federal, state, and local governments, including regulations, certifications, marketing strategies, and proposal review.

Experienced Professionals Leading the Way

The stars of KEDA's government contracting counseling team are Terry Homburg and Mary Jo Juarez, both former Naval contracting officers with decades of experience. Their unique backgrounds and expertise make them invaluable guides, equipped to help businesses navigate the complexities of government contracting.

Mary Jo Juarez brings over 30 years of government contracting experience, including her role as a Navy Deputy for Small Business, where she assisted the Navy in meeting its small business goals and educated firms on obtaining certifications, marketing, and federal government opportunities.

Terry Homburg, a retired Department of Defense Contracting Officer with 29 years of procurement experience, offers expert-level training and guidance on the DoD's requirements for cybersecurity. His extensive career spans various contracts and locales, providing knowledge to businesses seeking government contracts.


Tailored Services for Success

KEDA's dedicated government contracting specialists cater specifically to registered APEX clients, offering a comprehensive range of services:

  • Assistance with government registrations and certifications
  • Interpretation of solicitation documents
  • Proposal review and refinement
  • Marketing assistance for government contracting opportunities and
  • Guidance on specifications, standards, and technical drawings.

As Kitsap County prepares to capitalize on the upcoming federal investments, KEDA's government contracting specialists remain committed to helping local businesses thrive in the competitive landscape of government contracting. Through their expertise and support, they empower businesses to seize opportunities, navigate challenges, and ultimately succeed in securing government contracts that drive growth and prosperity for the community.

New clients need to register with Washington APEX.

Please contact Washington Apex Accelerator - Region 1 program manager James Davis at for initial intake. You may also schedule a meeting here: Calendly - James Davis.