City of Bremerton Eastside Village Online Open House

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17 Feb 2022

Kitsap, Bremerton, Housing

The City of Bremerton invites your participation in an online open house to discuss potential revisions to the Eastside Village Subarea Plan.

Bremerton Eastside Village map
Why update the code?

In October of 2020 the City adopted the Eastside Village Subarea as a visionary 20 year plan for growth and transition from the Harrison Medical Center to a vibrant area of Housing and Mixed use development. When the plan was adopted this included changes to the area’s previous zon-ing development regulations; after 18 months of evaluation it has been determined additional al-terations to zoning criteria are necessary to en-sure that the plan's vision can be achieved. In or-der to achieve the intended vibrant center, we're looking to bring back some of the previous enti-tlements that are better suited to promoting this type of development; specifically:

  • Reinstate previous eighty foot height limitation & no capped density
  • Consolidate zones within the Subarea Plan
  • Adopt new Design Review Board process for public review of projects
  • Additional measures to streamline Subarea regulatory criteria

A full description of the proposed changes is provided in the January 24, 2022 Planning Commission Packet, via the following link:

Documents for the unamended existing plan can be viewed via the following link:


Community Development is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. 


Meeting ID: 858 2082 0674   Passcode: 828048 


For questions or comments contact Garrett Jackson, Planning Manager (360) 473-5289 |