Defense Community funding coming soon

Defense Community funding coming soon Main Photo

17 Jun 2022

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Defense Community Compatibility Account

The purpose of the DCCA program is to provide a statewide framework for evaluating and prioritizing projects that enhance the economy, environment and quality of life opportunities for local communities affected by the presence of military installations. Funding for projects is contingent on legislative appropriation, which is based on a project list submitted to the Legislature by Commerce. 

2022 project solicitation 

A new round of project applications will be open Aug. 1 – Sept. 15. Applications will be reviewed and scored to develop a ranked list to include in the 2022 Legislative report. Application materials are currently being developed and will be posted on the DCCA webpage in the coming weeks.


Project eligibility 

A wide variety of compatibility-related projects are eligible for the program, including the following list per SSB 5748.

  • Projects to jointly assist in the recovery or protection of endangered species, dependent on military installation property for habitat.
  • Projects or programs to increase the availability of housing affordable to enlisted military personnel and non-military residents in the local community.
  • Projects to retrofit existing uses to increase their compatibility with existing or future military operations.
  • Projects that aid communities to replace jobs lost in the event of a reduction of the military presence.
  • Projects that improve or enhance aspects of the local economy, environment, or quality of life impacted by the presence of military activities.

Applicants must be local governments, federally recognized Tribes, or other entities in an agreement with a state military installation under the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration Program.