Celebrating Black Business Month - Spotlight on Jenefeness Tucker

Celebrating Black Business Month - Spotlight on Jenefeness Tucker Main Photo

1 Aug 2022


Black Business Month is celebrated in August across the country. It is a time to acknowledge and appreciate black-owned businesses across the nation, reflecting their spirit and all they represent in the country's continual striving for diversity and equality. From Madam C. J. Walker, the first female self-made millionaire in America, to Robert F. Smith, the richest Black man in America, the accomplishments of Black Americans in the business world are impressive. However, inequality in the business environment of the United States still exists. 

When we celebrate the contribution of black business owners and entrepreneurs, it pays homage to them and their legacies, especially since celebrating this month recognizes the importance of black-owned businesses when it comes to contributing to the nation’s economy as well.

Black Business Month ensures that Black-owned businesses get the recognition and patronage they so richly deserve. To celebrate Black-owned businesses is to empower more people from the African-American communities to dream big and begin their own entrepreneurial journeys, and we love the empowerment that brings us one step closer to achieving equity.

We celebrate Black Business Month with a spotlight on Jenefeness Tucker, who has been coaching, leading, educating, advising, facilitating, teaching, and consulting for more than 15 years, in the Puget Sound and beyond. 

Jenefeness Tucker with information on eventMeet The Coach

A certified Professional Development Consultant, Jenefeness Tucker, MBA has recently been voted the Microentrepreneur of the Year and Advisor of the Year. She was also named on the 100 Growth List of Middle-Market CEOs by Axial, appeared on Inside Edition, featured in an article on The Successful Micropreneur, NPR News, and Successful Business News. We spoke to Jenefeness about her role as a business consultant and coach and her connection to the  Kitsap community. 

Can you tell us a little about your role and responsibilities?

I am successful at helping entrepreneurs (especially soloprenuers) with maximizing their capacity and cash flow. I develop customized solutions that address challenges and get solutions in 90 days or less. My competitive advantage is that I am a successful micropreneur with similar experiences. I understand my client's pain points and I know how to properly address them with minimal downtime. 

What has been the impact of inflation on the local community? Are there any short-term solutions?

The biggest impact inflation has had on the local community is a heightened level of uncertainty. Even economists are stumped on the future of the ecosystem and the short-term effects. I highly recommend that entrepreneurs stay connected to local resources and improve their experiences to ensure that they build brand ambassadors. Too many businesses are gambling and compromising with customer service. With a surplus of providers, we need to be hyper-focused on ensuring customer expectations are exceeded because it makes a difference and truly sets you apart.

What are your goals for yourself and for the community you serve? 

My primary goals for myself, my business, and my community are to achieve Excellence! Anything less is unacceptable. I want to add value and extraordinary experiences that are esteemed higher than my products and services. When we achieve Excellence we all win - together!

Is there anything the community can do to support you and to help you achieve them?

The community has helped me tremendously by supporting events, writing reviews, and sending countless referrals. We are staying connected and plugged into updates and it has been a tremendous effort from everyone.

What makes Kitsap a great place for professionals like you to grow and thrive?

The entrepreneurial ecosystem's ability to grow and thrive makes Kitsap a great place for folks to grow and thrive.

How, according to you, will the webinar to be held on Aug 10 help individuals and businesses?

My webinar will address the steps to becoming a credible business and building business credit efficiently. There are so many resources available to assist entrepreneurs. But, it can feel like a game of trial and error figuring out which ones are accurate and most beneficial. This webinar has tried and true steps to help entrepreneurs navigate the ebbs and flows of information overload and dead ends. 

Kitsap Digital Hour

To help businesses and individuals build financial strength and resiliency, Jenefeness will be conducting a Zoom webinar on Aug 10, 2022 between 11 am and 12 noon. The topic for the webinar is Business Credibility and Credit objectives. During the webinar, Jenefeness plans to:

EDUCATE participants on Credit Uses and Benefits, Personal vs. Business Credit
ELEVATE them with the Steps for Business Credibility and forms of Capital Infusion/Business Credit and 
ERADICATE barriers to bankability and business growth.

Would you like to sign up for the webinar? Visit here for more information.