Buy Close by Kitsap: Helping small business owners to thrive this holiday season!

Buy Close by Kitsap: Helping small business owners to thrive this holiday season! Main Photo

8 Nov 2022


For most people across communities, their favorite shopping memories have occurred when visiting a small business downtown. There is something special about shopping at a local store where the owners greet you by name, swap stories with you, and ask about the kids. You can’t find that experience everywhere, but you can find it here, in the local store or service. As we get ready for shopping during the holiday season, paying attention to our local stores can serve as an opportunity to recognize the positive contribution they make to our lives – during the holidays and all year long.

Shopping local at Kitsap

One of several post-pandemic trends is shopping hyper-local. Retail research for the holiday season states that consumers largely support local merchants for their shopping during the holidays, with 58% of shoppers planning to buy from local businesses this year. 

In an effort to honor and encourage the spirit of small businesses,  there is a lot happening in the Kitsap area this year! Buy Close By Kitsap is a Kitsap Economic Development Alliance initiative that supports and promotes local businesses to bring awareness to the community about places to shop, eat, and spend in Kitsap.

Aljolynn Sperber, My Comma co-founder, an organic period care subscription headquartered in Kitsap, and who has grown up in and returned to the Kitsap area for the Buy Close by Kitsap campaign:

“The purpose of Buy Close by Kitsap is to have people think local first -  when they are going holiday shopping or gift shopping or if they are considering whom to support.

Woman holding colorful scarf in boutiqueShopping locally supports the small businesses that are the fabric of any community and contribute to the development of a unique, vibrant local culture. Shopping our local mainstreets is an experience that we enjoy sharing with out-of-town visitors; they are a draw for tourists, and always make for a fun family experience. 

The main intention behind Buy Close by Kitsap, Sperber says, is to support and think local.

“Before you go to one of the big chains for your shopping, just think, and pause. Did you know that for every hundred dollars spent in the local community, 48 dollars of that 100 goes back into the community, either through the employees or to  non-profit or cause-oriented organizations. Why is this so? Because our neighbors own these locally-owned businesses, and our neighbors care about our fellow neighbors, and of course, then it spills back into the community.”

Buy local. Support local. Encourage the small business to grow and thrive.

“So that's basically our goal - to get people to think first about supporting local, rather than shopping from big chains, or through Amazon.”

“How do you help?  You can either purchase an online gift card or a gift card to be mailed to somebody. You can also order online from these locally-owned businesses. Many of them have a Shopify or a Wix website set up so that you can purchase and then they can either deliver it to you or you can do curbside pickup. And there are locally owned businesses that can still accommodate the need for convenience for really busy people.”

We urge you to go check out these links, to get more information about Buy Close by Kitsap:

Are you a new business owner? Is your business local? Kitsap is a charming and diverse community known for its festivals, hard-working people, innovators, entrepreneurs, and thriving small businesses.  Our team at is focused on the future of Kitsap’s economy, making sure our community has the necessary resources to encourage small business owners and develop innovative products locally, all while offering connectivity to the greater Puget Sound startup and innovation ecosystem.

Find out more about how your local business can grow and prosper at And keep the momentum going, right through the holiday season!