ScaleUp enrolling 2 new cohorts for Spring!

ScaleUp  enrolling 2 new cohorts for Spring! Main Photo

16 Mar 2023

ScaleUp is advanced business training for companies that have moved beyond startup and launch.  


ScaleUp is about building capacity for growth and sustainability, increasing profitability, and automating business systems. The program is designed to to allow the company to position itself for investment and to be ready for that moment. There is no fee to participate!

Training is delivered over an 8-week series of live instructions paired with self-paced online training modules. Live sessions are 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

Cohort 1: April 18 through June 6

Cohort 2: May 4 through June 15 



  •  Eight week live sessions with peer roundtable discussions 
  •  Self-paced online learning modules 
  •  Study Hall mentorship with ScaleUp Trainers 
  •  Access to the ScaleUp Alumni Network 

This program which normally costs $1,599 is currently provided at no cost to Washington State businesses through June 30, 2023, thanks to ongoing support from the Washington Department of Commerce.


Registration Info for ScaleUp Business Training