KEDA issues RFP for Kitsap Industrial Lands, Buildings and Infrastructure Survey

KEDA issues RFP for Kitsap Industrial Lands, Buildings and Infrastructure Survey Main Photo

8 May 2024

Press Release, Biz Opps, Industrial, Property Survey

The Kitsap Economic Development Alliance (“KEDA”) seeks a consultant to survey, analyze, and make recommendations regarding Kitsap’s available land, buildings and infrastructure for industrial development. 


The purpose of this Kitsap Industrial Lands, Buildings and Infrastructure Survey (“KILBIS”) is to inform an industrial readiness strategy in Kitsap in the interest of economic growth and attracting private investment. 

Just added: Q & A (download here)

Key to this project is surveying all land, as well as all industrial buildings and infrastructure across Kitsap, identifying: 

  1. What is available to the market now for industrial development; 
  2. What will be available in the future here for industrial development, given Kitsap’s zoning and codes; 
  3. Understanding how billions of planned military investment in Kitsap over the next two decades can be maximized for community economic gain; and 
  4. Understanding the experiences of similarly-positioned communities elsewhere in the country that were successful in similar economic efforts, as well as our competitive positioning locally. 

Note: Item C above is valued highly in this project, as it is anticipated to be critical for Kitsap’s future economic success.  

Ultimately, what will be delivered is (1) guidance and recommendations for strategic policy decisions which inform real estate strategies within Kitsap related to industrial development and (2) a complete inventory of all lands in Kitsap on a per-parcel basis. This study’s recommendations will be presented to Kitsap’s cities and counties in the interest of informing the update of their comprehensive plans, due at the end of 2024. 

Download RFP for complete information


•   Opening of proposal period – May 8, 2024 
•    Closing of proposal period –June 3, 2024
•    Notification of Award – June 10, 2024
•    Commence Engagement – June 17, 2024 
•    Finish Engagement: 

­    Tasks 1-6: Completed by September 9, 2024
­    Tasks 7-8: Completed by November 30, 2024